Are Whole House Water Filters Worth It?

Water impurities are harmful to health, so, nowadays, purified water becomes a necessity for every home. Thus, we have a water filtration system which removes around 99% of contaminants from water, and a whole house water filter is one of them. However, the question, are Whole house water filters worth it?

Whole house water filtration system removes the contaminant from your municipal pipe directly, from point-of-entry of water it cleans up. It connects with the water supply pipe and then it filters. Everywhere in your house, you will get purified water. You can use clean water in drinking, cooking, and bathing.

Before to prove it, Whole House water filters are worth it or not, and we need to check some aspect.


How many contaminants in your water, and what does it filter out?

Generally, in municipal water, there are Lead, Chlorine, Chloramine, Fluoride, Herbicides, Pesticides, Iron, Heavy metals, Rust, Industrial Solvents, VOCs, and Sediments. Moreover, Whole House water filter clears it out around 97-99%.

Whole house filters remove sediments up to 0.35 Microns, Also, it is included with Water Softner which creates a great taste of water and by its filters system water is completely purifies contaminant.

Sometimes you don’t need a Whole house filter which clears everything in the water. First, take your waster test certificate and according to it choose Whole house water filter.


How does it purify the water?

Most of Whole House Water filters are comes up with a multi-stage filtration system. Around 3, 5, and 7 stage filtration are implemented in the Whole house water filter system. At every stage, it uses different filters.

Polypropelyne sediment filters, CTO carbon block filters, Coconut shell carbon filters are used in every different filter stage. Also, at every stage, water is polished differently. It removes various contaminants in every stage, and the end product gives you clean and purified water.


Is the Whole House Water Filter System Tested and met the necessary certification?

NSF – National Sanitation Foundation certification is must in Every Water filter System, and if System has multi certificated in different contaminant removal, then it is a good thing. NSF gives the certification to water filter system based on how well filters reduce the contaminants from water.

To maintain an NSF standard, it cost high. If the filter systems are tested in trusted laboratories and gets NSF/ANSI certification, then it is also meaningful.

Another certification is the WQA(Water Quality Association). If the water filter system is rigorously tested and all parts are tested through government-approved national laboratories, then it gets the WQA certification.


How long filter works?

Whole house water filters purify the water from point-of-entry of the water, and it gives clean water all over the house. So, check how long water filters are work efficiently.

Generally, Whole house water filter system purifies around 6000-8000 gallons of water in the whole life of the filter. ¬†For the average family, it takes one year to use that much water. We need to check filter cartridges regularly if it’s reusable then need to clean and reuse it.

Additionally, Whole house water filters are costly. It is an obvious thing if it gives the significant result in water purification then it charges the right amount, but for health it is affordable.

Check on these aspects and decide is the whole house water filter worth for you? Most of these aspects are meets in Whole house water filter. If you want to use clean water everywhere in your home, then the Whole house water filter is worth it.

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