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Water damage has become a very common problem in VA, especially during the rainy season when the torrential rains get better of us.

As a certified water damage restoration company in Lynchburg and surrounding areas, we guarantee to use best techniques and advanced tools to reduce the impact of damage, mitigate further risks, and provide sufficient after cleaning tips and strategies at a very competitive price.

We are one of the very few companies around that offer personalized cleaning and restoration services to address different types of water damage, caused by different sources, including flood, pipe burst, basement damage, and everything in between.

Water Damage Causes that We Address

We have developed a systematic approach to cleaning and restoring. Right from connecting with you and guiding to safety to a processing insurance claim, we document the entire process for future reference.

Our experience has made us restore several kinds of water damage for both commercial and residential properties. Water damage causes that we address include:

  • Plumbing defect
  • Pipe burst
  • Sump pump malfunction
  • Torrential rainfall and thunderstorm
  • Hurricane, tornado, and deep freeze
  • Sewer break
  • Roof leaks
  • Faulty appliances (leaks from a washing machine, dishwasher, toilet, heater, etc.)
  • Ice dams


When Should You Call a Professional Lynchburg, VA Restoration Company

We often ignore small water leaks and incidents, which eventually grow into bigger problems, such as mold and mildew growth, stained walls, damaged wood beyond repair, and short circuit.

You must take immediate measures as soon as the first signs of water damage appear.

Call for professional help when following things happen:

  • The water penetrates drywall.
  • The water steeps into carpets and upholsteries.
  • Water is stagnant at least 2 feet deep above wooden flooring, carpet, and rug or on anything that is not waterproof.
  • Water is deep inside the wall or in areas where one cannot reach (signs include: mold growth, flaking wallpaper or paint, and dampness).
  • The floodwater contains sewer and other harmful chemicals.
  • There are a power outage and you are stranded in a flooded basement.

Most of these causes are covered under homeowners’ insurance policies. So whatever damage you face and the money you shell on services can be claimed through insurance.


What Should You Do during any of the above Scenarios?

  • You must remain calm and evacuate kids, pets, and elders to a safe zone.
  • Call up your insurance service provider and file a claim.
  • Notify professional restoration service provider in Lynchburg, VA.
  • Keep your mobile phones and contact cards handy.
  • Locate the source of water and try to stop it.
  • Shut off all power switches and bolt off the main electric supply.
  • Unplug electrical appliances from their sockets.
  • Remove appliances and electronics submerged in water or from wet carpet, and put them away to dry.
  • Remove all movable furniture, rugs, carpets, drapes, curtains, and important possessions touching the water.
  • Discard porous items that came in contact with sewer water or chemicals.
  • Do not enter any area that contains dark water without wearing proper gears, such as gumboots, goggles, gloves, and nose mask.

Remember Not To:

  • Do not use any electrical appliance without ensuring there is no power fault.
  • Do not use newspaper to walk on or soak water. It can stain the carpet and make things worse.
  • Do not walk on wet carpet unnecessary.
  • Do not delay in calling for emergency help.

Our job is getting homes back to their best shape quickly with minimal loss to infrastructure and possessions.

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