How to Clean Jewelry At Home

If you wear jewelry regularly, these will get dull, lost color, and got tarnish. It is very natural. But do you want to bring their attractive look again? I think so. It is possible to do it comfortably. Even you can do it at Home. By following a few simple steps, you can clean the valuable jewelry and bring back its original outlook. Do you want to know the process? Keep with use to understand how to clean jewelry at Home.

Why will you do it at Home?

If you can complete any task at Home, will you go abroad? I will not. I think anyone will not like to do it. Besides, it will save both time and money. Whenever you take a cleaning service from a professional jeweler, you have to pay a standard charge for it. The more interesting fact is that you will need to take the service repeatedly as you wear jewelry regularly. But whenever you know the process, you can complete it efficiently and instantly after every use.

So, cleaning your piece of jewelry at Home is recommended.

The Easiest Way to Clean Jewelry at Home

There are lots of ways to complete the process. Here we will describe the most comfortable formulas only.

Using Professional Jewelry Cleaner at Home (Our Recommended Process)

Whenever you take jewelry cleaning service from professional jewelers, how they do the job? They use the professional device. There is lots of jewelry cleaner available in the market. You can use ultrasonic or steam system device. Both are powerful and effective.

Why We Recommend Having a Device?

It will save your money. Yes, you read it right. Suppose your jewelry has a tough dark spot and home remedy doesn’t make enough to clean it at Home. Then you need to go to jewelers and have to pay a few bucks. You have to take their service every time the jewelry lost its glow. But you can do it quickly at Home if you purchase a device for your personal use. Moreover, you can clean it frequently and after every single use.

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Is it only process to clean jewelry at Home? No, Not at all. There are lots more process. From all, we are describing the four most natural methods in bellow. Stay Tune.

By Using Toothpaste and Brush

Toothpaste and old toothbrush are everyday things at every house. By using both situations, you can clean any types of jewelry. The process is also so simple. Just put toothpaste on the jewelry and brush it smoothly. You will get an instant result for sure.

Caution: It wills not a great idea to try if the dark spot is old and so tough.

By Using Vinegar

Vinegar is also a common item in our kitchen. It has some cleaning power too. : P Whenever you want to use vinegar as your jewelry cleaner, you have to soak it on a mixture. You have to make the mixture by putting two tablespoons baking soda into ½ cup white vinegar. Rinse the jewelry into the mix for a few hours and then dry thoroughly with a soft cloth. It is also an active process. Although it is not perfect for removing the hard dark spot, it is robust against mid-level spot and stains.

Use Window Cleaner Smartly

It is another usual and necessary thing for us. Although it is made for window cleaning, we can use it to gemstone cleaning work. It is only recommended for the metallic or crystalline gemstone, so diamond and rubies are quite ok to clean.

The Process

You will need a toothbrush for this process too. Spray window cleaner on jewelry and scrub it using an old toothbrush. Isn’t it pretty simple?

Note: Please don’t apply the method on opaque stones. It can cause of discoloration of opal, turquoise, pearl, etc. gems.

Soap and Water

It is the most effortless process at all. You only need hot water and regular detergent. Take a silver bowl to boil water or put hot water on a silver bowl. Then mix soap on it and put the jewelry into the mixture. It is powerful to remove all types of dust and dirt. After complete the process, wipe it with a soft cloth. If the hot mixture loosens any spot, it will remove during rubbing.

Note: You can make the process more effective by putting professional jewelry cleaning solution instead of regular soap. There are lots of feature solutions made for clean jewelry. It will give you a professional appearance at your work.

Final Word

It is not important how you are cleaning, but it is essential for adequately cleaning. We recommend cleaning jewelry after every use. You can keep your jewelry like a new one for a long while by taking care of it properly.

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