How to Renovate Your Old Leather Item with a Repair Kit

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Leather is a lasting and robust material that is used to make various items, including clothing, furniture, and accessories. Like any other fabric, leather is susceptible to wear and tear over time. Its colour might fade, may have cracks or dry out, making it look old and unpleasant. This may be as a result of environmental factors such as water, sunlight or dust or simply not taking good care of your leather item.

So if you love that antique seat or those leather shoes, you inherited, its time you take care of your old leather item. You do not need to throw them away simply because they lost their shine. Today, you can find the best kits to renovate your old leather item.

Leather repair kits consist of unique colourants, easy to use die or compounds. Usually, the package includes about seven distinct colours. They must be correctly blended to suit the surface of the deteriorated material. Also, it may be sufficient to renew the bright colour and look of your leather item provided it’s not worn out and without holes or rips.

Contents of a Leather Kit

Generally, a leather it contains the below items. You can buy it from your local store or online. They include:

  • A filler
  • Sealant
  • Liquid leather
  • Sandpaper
  • Scratch remover or conditioner
  • Adhesive for a special purpose
  • Patches of leather material in a suitable colour
  • Alcohol pads
  • Paintbrush
  • Gloves
  • Plastic palette knife
  • Leather furnish
  • Scissors
  • A mixing cup

Additionally, the kit should come with an instruction manual which you should read before using the kit.

Tips to Renovate your Old Leather Item Using a Repair Kit

  1. Cleaning your leather item

You must always begin with a clean surface, no matter how you decide to repair your leather item. Leather has a kind of milky texture that can hold on to a thin coating of oil and retain it. It also attracts dirt and dust. All of these aspects can cause inadequate leather repair or cause it not to last very long. The leather requires to be cleaned to remove any dirt, debris or stains with a leather cleaning product.

  1. Leather conditioning

To recover lost moisture and to maintain the flexibility of the leather, frequent conditioning is important to prevent damage. Use a paintbrush or foam sponge to apply the leather conditioner to the surface in thin coats. Allow it to absorb for about 2-24 hours then wipe off the excess using a clean cloth.

  1. Patches or Fillers

Patches or fillers are used on the surface of the leather to resolve minimal damage. Use a palette knife to continually apply the filler to the leather in a loose coating until the opening reaches the leather surface, then let it dry. If a patch is needed, add a significant quantity of adhesive to the corners of the patch and attach it to the leather canvas. Make sure the patch fits in the leather firmly and seal the corners with the filler.

  1. Colour blending

Leather comes in primary colours, with black and brown being the most common. Companies that produce leather repair kits are trying to be as general as possible with the colours supplied. The challenge is to blend the colour with the leather around it. Use a small cotton swab after you apply the dye to move on the region you are repairing smoothly. Continue doing this until you distribute the colour out so you can barely see where the new colour begins or ends. This will render the colour less likely to be visible without closer scrutiny.

  1. Liquid Leather

Using liquid leather, you can repair minor damages in small regions by matching the layer by colour. You need to use this product to the dry material that is very clean. Use a damp rag and some alcohol, to remove all dust and residue then wait a little while. Dilute the polymer in a ratio of 30/70 with clean, cold water. Apply it layer by layer to the damaged region, then to the whole surface of the item. Then, apply the conditioner after the leather dries.


You can renovate your old leather at home in a more convenient and cost-effective. Your old leather seat or jacket can be made to look so attractive using the above tips. We hope the information provided in this article will give you the required help. Thank you for reading to the end. Learn More Here

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