Tips for Cleaning Tile, Wood and Vinyl Floors

Floor cleaning is really a sensitive task. Tile, wood or vinyl- whatever the materials your floor made of, you have to clean your floor in a regular interval. And it is not mentioning that the cleaning process depends on the materials your floor made of.

But one thing is common. You have to know the exact method of these different types of floors. Otherwise, you know, your loveable floor can be damaged and being scratched rather than be cleaned.

To clean these three types of floor, you have to go for three different cleaning methods. And to some extent, they are easy to maintain. We have brought up here exclusive tips for cleaning tile, vinyl and wood floor. Let’s have a look.

Tips on Cleaning Tile Floors

Believe me, cleaning your tile floors won’t take much time if you just know the proper tips and tricks of cleaning. At the same time, improper use of cleaner can cause huge damage to your tile floor. So whether you have to know the right process of tile floor cleaning or hire a professional one. For cleaning tile grout you can hire expert grout cleaning service. To clean your tile floors yourself, the following tips can lead you ahead.

  • Mop the tile floor once a week with warm water.
  • Be sure that your floor has dried up completely after moping it. Otherwise, dirt may set again into the wet area.
  • Avoid straw broom in sweeping a tile floor. It may cause of scratches on your floor.
  • A mixture of ammonia and water is very effective to remove the old yellow layer of your tile.
  • If any black streaks mark left in your tile floor, an eraser is enough to remove them.

Tips on Cleaning Vinyl Floors

Vinyl floor is very much comfortable to walk on. They are inexpensive and waterproof as well.  But the fact is that these floors require regular cleaning. Otherwise, they may look fading just by few days use. The following tips can be your best help in vinyl floors cleaning.

  • Sweep your vinyl floor every day. Though it may seem to you time consuming, don’t skip it to keep your floor looking great for a long time.
  • After sweeping, you should mop it to remove the loose dirt.
  • You can also use the vacuum, no problem. But before using the vacuum, be sure that it is in the right setting that suits the vinyl floor.
  • In moping, never use hot water. Always use warm water.
  • For complete cleaning, go for more than one mop.
  • Vinegar is vinyl’s best friend to make a vinyl floor shinier.

Tips on Cleaning Wood Floors

Hardwood floor adds praiseworthy beauty to your house. It keeps your house warm. But even this durable floor can be damaged for not being maintained properly. So to keep the beauty of the wood floors for decades, you can follow these tips.

  • First of all, use the vacuum to remove all types of dust, debris, dirt and pet hair.
  • In that case, you can also use a floor-brush attachment.
  • That is not enough. There may have tough dirt and grime that have been built over time.
  • You have to use a liquid cleaner to remove them. Here you can use a commercial wood cleaning item.
  • You can even make your own cleaner by mixing vinegar with warm water
  • But mind it; using excessive liquid can damage your wood floor rather than cleaning it.
  • Teabags with boiling water are another proven way to clean wood floors.


After all, different types of floor need different types of cleaning method to go for. So it is a must to know what cleaning method is perfect for your wood, tile or vinyl floors.

For different types of floor, you will need different cleaning tools and materials. And of course, you have to collect all these tools and materials before starting your cleaning mission.

But one thing, if you are not confident enough to clean yourself, it is better to hire a professional cleaning service. You will find many renowned service providers in different states, like tile cleaning Torrance.

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