What To Do After A Fire Ruins Your Dwelling?

Your house on fire can be one of the sorriest tales of your life, and it becomes exceedingly hectic to pull on your socks and get ready for the aftermath. A lot of time and money spent on selecting adornments for your cozy home is all gone in the drain in a matter of few hours, although we cannot prevent an unexpected outbreak such as fire, we can surely replace all that is lost. It is where the expertise of a fire damage company comes in the picture.


There are two kinds of fire, namely simple and complex, simple fire is the result of simple fuels and causes relatively petty damages, complex fire is the result of synthetic materials burnt and a lot of harmful soot caused.


Given below are some of the things that are essential in case your house has been a victim of fire:


Ring the insurance company!

The first step after you have made sure that you and your family are secure from the clutches of the fire is to contact the insurance company to settle your claims immediately. Experts also go through the house and let you know the amount of damage caused.


Thorough assessment and estimation

It is crucial that before starting any rehabilitation work in your home, you make an inspection inside (obviously with some professional help) and see how much structural damage the fire has caused and then remove things which perhaps are safe.


Removing the valuables

Once you inspect your house, you will surely come across things that are important in the case if they are safe, that is, your certificates, license, cards, jewelry, etc.


Tidying up the mess


Fire causes filthy soot and smoke stains, and also burnt objects leave behind a large amount of heavy debris. Everything is additionally soaked up in the water after the fire extinguishing services have done their job. It is, therefore, primary to extract all this from the house and then start with the work.


Strengthening the core

Fire, no wonder is strong enough to shake the foundation of your house to the very core. Damage replacement should involve working on the foundational things like the interior framework, roofing, floorboards, and joint fittings here and there.


Complete odor removal

Harmful gases and soot smoke with a substantial amount of minute particles that can cause allergies and diseases spread out during a fire. Plastic materials in the house are burnt, spreading contaminated air in the space. Therefore, it becomes necessary to extract the bad smoke and address odor issues.


Addressing problems specific to fire damage

Fire damage causes issues unique in its ways, and the solution to it is professional expert care. Problems involved are mold growth in areas left damp after extinguishing are smoke stains, contaminated air ducts, etc.


Replacing each faulty electric equipment and setting

Fire in houses is caused due to faulty electrical pieces of equipment and wiring issues. So during the rehabilitation work, it is wise to replace everything and get good quality fittings in your place.


Prevention is undoubtedly better than cure!

A well-remarked and critical piece of information! Put new fittings and structures to minimize any such mishap in the future, to the very least. Take the following measures:


  1. Installation of smoke detectors.
  2. Put up a fire sprinkler system at vulnerable spaces at your home.
  3. Getting fire extinguisher, which also is the bare minimum you should do.
  4. Remove all combustible vegetation within thirty feet circumference of your home.


You certainly cannot afford another outbreak of fire and loss of property and well being of your loved ones.


In case of fire, the restoration process should start within 24-48 hours after the fire, for minimum damage. Stay Safe!


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