Who Cleans After a Crime Scene?


Ever wondered who cleans up after a murder scene? Now that crime and investigation shows like Quantico, Riverdale, and Orange Is the New Black has gained immense popularity, most of us have become a crime branch expert in our own minds. We know what’s tohappen next and how security personnel and FBI work together.

The crime scene is marked with tape, investigator look for fingerprints, collect a sample and question the neighbors and witnesses. But we hardly reckon as to who clears the mess after a gruesome murder or who is responsible for the crime scene cleanup? Is it the building janitor or forensic experts, who?

The answer is none of the above.

Since the CBI, FBI, police or the law do not have the time or the needed supplies to safely cleanup and disinfect a crime scene, the responsibility usually falls on the family members or relatives of the murdered or harmed.

God forbid if you are stuck in an unfortunate situation where a crime has taken place at your home or if you are ever asked by the officials to clean up a crime scene, instead of using the water and brush, try calling a crime scene cleaner or a professional bioremediation company. Crime Scene Cleaners also referred to as bioremediation specialists and forensic cleaners, are equipped cleaning squads who expertly cleanup dirt, blood, body excretions and fluids in the area.

They also disinfect the area using high-quality sanitizers and spray deodorizer to ensure the place is devoid of foul smells.

Why do you Require a Proper Crime Scene Cleanup?

What a murder scene mostly comprise of – blood above all, and if it is quite gruesome, then fluids from the body.

When a crime or a murder is committed inside a building, the blood can cause problems, such as poison the occupants with blood-borne infections and spoil the interiors, such as the carpets and walls.

Proper sanitization is more important. A crime scene cleaning company can be trusted with all kind of crime scene and accidents post clean up. Cleaning thoroughly is one of the best ways to ensure that the rest of the family members are not infected, while the area, as well as the air, is safe to breathe and walk-in.

How Can You Trust Bioremediation Specialists?

They Go through Stringent Training:

Although they are not governed by the law, crime scene technicians are trained on biohazard remediation, bloodborne pathogen, and chemicals. They are also certified, professionals.

They Are Professional:

These special squads are equipped with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), such as gloves and gumboots, protective biohazard suits, and respiratory gears. The gears are specially designed for bioremediation.

They Employ Protection for Common Men:

The bioremediation squads implement 3 zones protection to separate contaminated areas from the general public and other parts of the building. The 3 zones are termed as a control zone, where the crime was committed, the buffer zone, the area that couldbe exposed to the crime scene, and the safe zone. Plastic sheets and duct tapes are used to separate the areas.

They Implement Proper Sanitization:

The bioremediation experts are trained to clean the area medically with high-grade sanitization. They follow a step-by-step process to clean the mess and follow up with a test to check if any organisms endured the process. Additionally, once the sanitization is done, the specialists safely pack the debris in biohazard containers and dispose them off toa government-approved biohazard disposal site.

So, do not hesitate to seek the assistance of bioremediation specialists to clean up and dispose of biohazards from the crime scene.

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